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So I play the lottery 5 days of the week for an average of £20 a week. I never used to play the lottery until Late last year when my job was threatened and I nearly lost it. I then had 2 vivid lottery dreams 1 which I won £76 million pounds and another which I won the jackpot but no specific amount. I genuinely believe I will win the jackpot even though up to today the largest sum I won was £20. I wonder if the dreams are a traumatic response to me nearly losing my job or could they be predictive. I’m not really a lucky person when it comes to gambling of any kind so not sure why I just can’t shake off the feeling that I will win the jackpot. I just wanted to vent because have no one in my life I can talk to about this without seeming bonkers.

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+19 @LottoChangedMyLife Check out Timothy Schultz on YouTube. He had a dream about winning and he genuinely believed he would because of that dream. In 1991 when he was 21 years old he won something like $20million. In the PowerBall He has a podcast where he interviews other lottery winners on YouTube

+15 @IndividualAd9484 I asked this similar question to co-workers in a Oprah style conversation during lunch lol [I love interviews that challenge thought], and was surprised to hear folks say similar things about winning…Some folks rarely if ever play, but said if they do, it’s usually when they are going thru a break up, another said when displeased with workplace politics, etc. and that playing lotto outside of lottery fever is a trauma response and dreamscape of winning big, if that makes sense lol. You’re not alone

+12 @Damiandcl I kinda have this belief that people who win get the numbers through astral projecting, but they dont know that and so they think it was a dream. Then they purchase the ticket with those numbers and win =D If I get anything from your post is, dont play as much, and only play when u have a strong feeling that you'll win.

+12 @Icy-Sir-8414 Two years ago I almost won $3.7 million dollars but unfortunately I only got 4 out of six numbers won a lousy $13 bucks if I gotten the whole six numbers I be living it up in Los Angeles California right now

+11 @simplegrocery3 I also went through stressful periods where I would buy lottery tickets, no wins of course. Haven’t done so in 3 years or so but today I’m feeling depressed enough to get another ticket. I just compare it to drinking when stressed. I don’t drink at all.