What Would You do if You WON?
By _why_am_I_doing_this
+45 40 stores in 4 hours to finally score $5 million


Just came across this story of a guy in North Carolina who visited over 40 stores in 4 hours buying whatever they had left of a particular $20 scratch game, in search of the last " big one", a $5 million grand prize, and it worked...

Have to say, I think this is the first time I've heard of someones strategy paying off. Prior to this story, I had never heard of someone winning big after buying rolls/books.

I had a similar strategy on here back in December (different account) when I was visiting a bunch of stores around Michigan in search for the last 2 grand prizes of the diamond 7s game. There were a few hundred thousand tickets left and 2 of them being 4 million grand prizes.... unfortunately, it didn't work for me, and the 2 tickets were sold in the same week I was on the hunt for them. So.... good timing, wrong location lol. Maybe I'll try again on the rolls with the $50 Michigan game, 300 million diamond riches, still two out there.

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+23 @mitchdwx I wonder how much he spent. Has to be well into the thousands.

+14 @Minhplumb It paid off but it was a risk. Probably thousands of stores selling lotto tickets. The county I live in, when there are still big prizes left but down to the last couple million tickets or less, none of that ticket to be found. It so sucks. He increased his odds and got lucky.