+55 Play the $100 scratchers at your own risk!! Just lost $500 over 5 CONSECUTIVE losers. All for a break even on ticket 8 (running backwards)... I feel robbed and stolen from.

Started from 13 and went to 9 without any win whatsoever. Ticket 8 comes and it's a break-even. Very disappointed that there was zero win after all of that brutality.

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+48 @ProbablyOnTheClock That's gambling for you. I've been in a bad dry streak lately, myself.

+18 @BeastRunner22 I had no idea they’re were $100 scratchers. Most I’ve seen in California is $30.

+13 @Inside_Name1054 I remember a few weeks back I bought ticket 6-10 and won a free ticket or some bs. Then I proceeded to buy the rest of the roll thinking there was one good ticket and I ended up with max $50 on $20 tickets.

+13 @SneedingYourStepSis I’ve spent hundreds and never won to at least break even. I buy my tickets just to cope with reality at this point

+11 @Quirky-Ordinary-8756 It's a lottery. You aren't going to win every time. Nothing is guaranteed. Don't play what you can't afford to lose.