What Would You do if You WON?
By Zealousideal_Ad_8736
+19 Lucky For Life/$1000 a day for Life?

I suspect most states have similar games, but does anyone know how these prizes mentioned above are paid out? Do you actually get a check every week or every month or once a year? Can you take as a lump sum?

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+13 @Radiant_Ad_223 In California today they dropped a new $2 ticket that you can win $4000 a month for 25 years. Lol there’s only 3 of them and it’s a 1 in over 6 million chance of winning it. Imagine though on a $2 scratcher!?

+13 @Better_Poetry9980 You get $365,000 every year (before taxes) Or you can take a lump sum of $7 million