What Would You do if You WON?
By Morbid_Curiousity30
+27 Luck or Chance

I’m wondering if avid players believe in luck or chance. I have been playing since I was 18 and am now 29. The most I have won is $1,000 in two different states and $500 in three different states. Never the big prizes. My lottery budget depends on my bills. If I have more money to waste after savings and bills, I will spend it. If I have less money to waste, I get a cheaper amount of tickets. But no matter what my strategy or budget may be, there is always someone you will read about in the news who just stumbles upon a winning ticket. It can be a teenager or a grandmother and they will have played the game just once or a few times (not years like me) and win the jackpot. Some people believe in praying. Others believe in hunches. And most just try their luck. But what do you think it is? I’ve now decided to play the numbers and put a set amount on an online account each month and let the system play through it because it’s cheaper than chasing tickets. Plus my state has online lottery play, which makes it easier to always have your numbers in and never spend more than you can afford. But still no major wins.

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+17 @stateimin I won $10k on a ticket on my birthday a few years ago. I play often just picking random places to buy from, never winning more than a couple hundred. The $10k ticket was total chance, right place, right time. I budgeted $200 to spend on tickets, researched which tickets had to most prizes still available and just went for it. I actually purchased the winning ticket from a different store than I originally planned on going to but obviously it worked out. I haven’t won much since. I don’t believe there’s a strategy. Just time & place.