What Would You do if You WON?
By Worried-Shelter-4992
+16 Mega Millions price increase

Has anyone here seen the rumors circulating online about Mega Millions increasing their ticket price to $5 with megaplier included? What are your thoughts if this is true? I probably wouldn't play anymore unless it's past the billion mark because of the ridiculous odds.

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+29 @CherryManhattan I wouldn’t touch it. When they increased the numbers a few years back and odds went from 1:178M to 1:302M that was enough for me. At $5, I’m sure their sales will fall and jackpots will rise but slower. We’ll see more 1B+ for sure.

+21 @Initial-Spinach-7135 I wouldn’t buy if they increased the price, it is already hard to win on mega million versus powerball with the odds. It increasing the price too