+20 Was only me buying through these rolls but eventually made some back 300 + 200. Here's my 2 cents

I was able to find 6 rolls at 2 stores in north LA bought through them periodically over 3 weeks,, Can't find no more. Seems like people didn't care or know about these so I had to go through the whole rolls alone ish and here's my 2 cents

Seems like this game you start hit big at the end of the roll tickets 19 and after. Won on ticket # 27 250 #19 200 and #25 300. Through out the roll if you only winning 30 ever 2 of 3 losses then you either hit 2 (100) and 1( 50 ) and 1(40) otherwise hitting 1 (300), 1(250) with rest either 50s 30s or losses.

If you where to hit big over 200 skip the roll and find another. If you hit big share where you did so we don't have to play.