What Would You do if You WON?
By HumanBagelSalmon
+25 Bought 20 tickets, only 1 was a winner.

I won $300...... bought around 20 tickets, totaled out to $600.

It wasn't a roll/book of tickets. I was visiting random stores and buying whatever they had left of the game. Some stores had 5 left, some had 3, some had only 1.

The diamond 7s game in Michigan started with 6 million tickets. The game now has about 600,000 tickets left in circulation (200,000 of them being winning tickets) and 2 of them being $4 million winners. The last $4 million winner was sold 3 days ago at some random meijers grocery store in the middle of nowhere, the same day I bought all my tickets, December 15th.

The irony in it all, every single ticket I scratched was a loser, one after the other. Not one winner until the very last ticket in the pile. I found it kinda funny, I had a pile of 19 losing tickets stacked on top of each other and it wasn't until the very last one, which was a $300 winner. All in all, spent $600, won/lost $300

Not sure what to do now.... either buy 10 more diamond 7's, buy 6 of the new $6 million jackpot game, buy 100 Powerball tickets, or buy nothing, pocket the money and never play the lottery again /;

Side note, if you happen to be buying a bunch of scratch offs and scratching them all at once, I recommend throwing on Moonlight sonata (3rd movement) by Beethoven. I was blasting it for a solid 30 minutes one repeat while scratching.


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+11 @2m00dz If you must buy more, definitely go for the newer game. I’ve had way better luck with that and very few losers that day. Go to less frequented places and always go for the stores no one ever thinks about. I’ve bought a $20 ticket each time I went out and I kid you not every time I either won my money back, or won a $50, $100, or $200 ticket almost every single time. Could’ve been just pure coincidence. But after winning about $850 in 4 days with no money lost I decided to stop pressing my luck and try again some other time incase things started going south, because it reels you in quick. Also play the game that less people want to bother with. If you happen to win big time like this, feel free to send me a little thank you