What Would You do if You WON?
By GroundForcesWTX
+12 Current Lotto Texas jackpot is $26.5 million

As I've stated before, it's a good alternative for those who prefer a game with slightly better odds for the jackpot, $1 tickets and are turned off by the circus that MM and PB have become. They are great to get if you ever pass through Texas. I know of upper class Mexican nationals that pick up Lotto Texas tickets.

Unlike California SuperLotto Plus, Lotto Texas is single matrix which I feel is less intimidating for many, too. Not to mention Texas is anonymous for cash value prizes and doesn't have state income tax. Again, unlike California.

It's worth mentioning that Texas is unique in that you make the choice cash value vs. annuity when you purchase the ticket not when you claim, but by default vending machines give you a cash value ticket and cashiers 99% of the time understand cash is what people want. You have to request an annuity ticket but essentially nobody does.

Good luck to all!